Sunday, September 14, 2008

About a Dog

For a blog that has 'dog' listed in its description I should probably ensure that there is some dog content.

The dog in question is a 4 year old rescue BichonX named Boogie. I got him when he was 14 months old and I was his fourth owner.

Here’s his story - in his own words

Hi, my name is Boogie. I spent the first year of my life with my first owner, I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I ended up in a cage with strangers looking at me.

Another family took me home but I was a little freaked out by what was happening to me and I got 'separation anxiety'. I would bark all the time and pee in the house when I was left alone because I was scared.

I went back in the cage with the strangers again.

Then another family took me home. I was so afraid that they would leave me that I followed my new owner everywhere and he didn't like that. He told people I was retarded because I wouldn't leave him alone.

I went back in the cage with the strangers again.

I was really scared now and started barking the whole time I was in the cage. It was driving the strangers crazy, I don't think they liked me very much. They would turn my cage to the wall to try and get me to stop didn't work.

Then one day they took me out of my cage yet again and it was yet another stranger in this little room. I jumped and wiggled and blitzed and played with her and she stayed for HOURS.

They put me back in the cage again.

Next day, the stranger came back! She took me home and I've been with her ever since. She knew about my anxiety and helped me with it. She never left me alone in the big house all by myself, when she's gone I go in my own 'house' and I like it in there when I'm alone. It's not so scary.

She says that I will never have a fifth home, that I'm hers forever. No more cages and strangers ever again!

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